September 14 - US Pass the Taiwan Airpower Modernization Act

I got this email - supposedly from my Chairman going by the AOL (heh) email address used as the sender.  It was a very poorly constructed email, although the subject matter was clever. Two days earlier, my organization had put out a press release, urging Congress to pass TAMA. The subject was exactly the text of the PR headline, except cutting out a few words to imply that it had actually passed. The link in the email led to a malicious .zip file, hosted on the hacked web server of a company that sells fake brand items (bags, shoes, etc.). That made me laugh, given that I usually name the screenshots for this blog “fake_something.jpg.”

The timing was bad, as it was right in the lead-up to our defense conference. So I didn’t get a chance to process this email (submit to VirusTotal, analyze headers, etc.), but I thought I would post the screenshot anyway.

Fake Chairman Press Release

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